Williamsburg, Virginia
February 19, 2005
Colonial Williamsburg This place is such a cool combination of historical reenactment and theme park, I actually went more than once. The architecture is incredible; many of the buildings are the originals and being used for the same purpose as they were back in the time period.
I highly recommend going during the summer, though I do feel bad for the actors. Right around that time, they’ll have redcoat troops going through the village in full gear, and they do arrests and put people in the gallows, and basically reenact daily life of the establishment during the 1700s. It’s somewhat unnerving at times.
The site is huge, hundreds of acres, with a combination of houses, shops and public area, all built on original foundations. The town is also a residential area, so some houses and buildings are closed since regular people actually live there. The historic church is still in session and quite beautiful.
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