Vidauwoo, Wyoming
August 11, 2012
It's a short trip north for us - just over an hour - and it's like being in another world. Vidauwoo sits at about 8,500 feet elevation, perpendicular to the Tetons. The camping is basically right at the base of the crags.
Since the mountain chain runs out from the big peaks to the west, you end up with amazing wildlife at close range. The crags, and the campground itself, are stomping grounds for coyote, bear and moose.
One morning, we were chilling out at breakfast, cooking pancakes and getting prepped for the day. Relaxed after a long day the day before of climbing, with the dog tied up a few feet away. We hear a crashing in the trees to our right, and out pops this big, bull moose, about 50 feet away. I'm not sure if it didn't see us, or just didn't care, but it kept coming, ambling along the bush line at the base of our camp.
It got within 10 feet of the picnic table. Apparently the dog woke up at that time; despite being a hound, Tacoma does not have the best hearing. Tacoma went ballistic, and scared the crap out of that moose. Sounded like an elephant as he thundered back through the trees.
It's not just wildlife, the climbing is good there, too. Vidauwoo is full of big cracks. Everything is crack climbing. You need tape gloves and skills.
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