Ichigo-gari: Negishi, Japan
February 14, 2004
Ichigo-gari Went to Yokosuka today from our home in Negishi to go strawberry picking (ichigo-gari) which is somewhat of a tradition in Japan. The deal is that at the start of the season, you go to a strawberry farm where you pay to eat as many strawberries as you can. It was pretty early in the year, being February, so I was expecting to freeze, but the whole operation was inside a greenhouse. It was like a sauna.
It was pretty entertaining to see Caylo waddling along and testing out his first strawberry.
The offspring and I went with a crew of people which made it even better; my boss Ron, his wife Miki and their kids Naomi and Essic; and my coworker John, his wife Yuki and his little boy Kai.
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