Caye Verde, St. Martin FWI
January 17, 2016
A half-mile out into Orient Bay is the coral island of Green Caye; it's an easy kayak ride from Orient Bay's beach. The island spans maybe a third of a mile long, with reefs on both the north and south sides of the island. There's a small abandoned stone structure and a little shipwreck that you can explore as you sightsee. Bring shoes or flops because the entire island is conch, shells and coral that fades from white to a dull grey as you move inland.
We snorkeled in the bay side, weaving our way in and out of the varied reef outcroppings; brightly colored fish, beautiful large fan corals, giant purple urchins, brain corals... amazing variety. Just in this little area there were barracuda, tarpon, angelfish, wrasse, barjack, parrotfish, grouper, and grunts to just name a few. There was even a sea turtle tucked along the coral ridges.
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