Web site design & rebuild
Standing Cloud's complex SaaS (software-as-a-service) product offering made their message difficult to convey. As a startup with a robust technical offering that allowed businesses and developers to spin up a cloud server and deploy an open-source application in minutes, not hours, Standing Cloud had a hard task of how to quickly convey their elevator pitch and persuade potential users to try out the service. The original site was built in WordPress and had some basic text around the product and what the company was about, but did nothing to convey the breadth and potential of their service offering.
Using Drupal, the site was completely redesigned, rebuilt and content rewritten to explain the technical details of the service functionality. Using Drupal's open-source platform allowed for full customization and flexibility, along with robust content management and front-end configuration capabilities.
The new site included:
1. A carousel on the home page: using custom illustrations and succinct, friendly content, the carousel helped quickly convey the product capabilities to the target audience
2. A simple to understand pricing grid: with an almost unlimited amount of configurations available, giving users a quick idea of ballpark cost with no commitment or risk helped bring new users into the platform and 'kick the tires'
3. A technical architecture overview written so it was easy to understand
4. A reseller network that allowed small software businesses to use the platform as their technology backbone, and get customer referrals
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