In our demographic and trend research for our product roadmap, we discovered that all of our demographics needed better money management and goal-planning tools in their online banking product. Our current money-management product either was missing features users were looking for, or lacked usability that would help someone learn how to integrate the activity into their daily lives.
To help get buy off for doing a major development overhaul of our current functionality, we needed to pitch a large project to key stakeholders in our organization. I developed journey and experience maps for the feature, to help tell the story of what our users were experiencing. The visual medium gives stakeholders a quick snapshot of our users impressions, to gain internal consensus on how customers should be treated and what they should expect across distinct digital channels channels. They outline gaps in the flow that may be disjointed and painful, and provide visual storytelling of the cross-channel process of a single customer touchpoint.
Both maps serve to tell the story that we are not meeting the needs of our customers on a critical expectation of our user base.
FINAL JOURNEY MAP: Quick overview of what the journey is and where we are not meeting user needs due to friction
FINAL EXPERIENCE MAP: Point-in-time reference of what the user is feeling and thinking as they move through each step of the process, along with their emotional benchmark
IDEATION EXAMPLE: We did multiple rounds of brainstorming and information gathering, to determine what elements were important to tell the story
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