Gluten Free To Go
Gluten Free To Go approached me to help them with the start-up phase of their product launch. Over a two year relationship, the owners of the allergy-friendly product line relied on my experience launching another allergy-friendly product line: Lucy's Cookies.
For G-Free To Go, I served as a business consultant, and worked as the sole designer. I helped with the brand name, designed a logo and full suite of business and marketing materials, and built and managed their first web site. I designed the product through two packaging iterations to its current form, and handled all photography involved in the packaging.
The Celiac Disease-friendly product is sold online, at gluten-free food fairs, and in amusement parks in the southeast United States.
PACKAGING: Box front and back for two of the snack pack boxes; the boxes were a cardboard pouch-style that stood about 7 inches tall
BOX LABEL DETAIL: The spot and leaf motif was repeated in all packaging, brand papers, in print advertisements and marketing collateral
CLAMSHELL WRAP: The product line was updated to feature grab-and-go packs with an adhesive label wrapping a clamshell on 3 sides, sealing the package
SITE DESIGN: Concept for the home page, which included an online store and analytics tied into Google
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