Lucy's Cookies
Lucy's Cookies came from a need for delicious, gluten-free eating for Celiac patients, and there wasn't a lot of really good cookies on the market. Lucy needed to stand out in a competitive cookie market without looking like a special-diet food product.
Dr. Lucy of Lucy's Cookies needed a brand that reflected her gourmet cookie status without losing clear visibility as an allergen-friendly product. And it had to be developed fast due to the pressures involved with a retail startup.
The brand needed the flexibility to adapt to many different media, with a clear cohesiveness that was instantly recognizable. To compete amongst more established brands not just on the store shelf, but through word of mouth, the brand needed consistency in all platforms. The product's packaging became the center point for establishing Lucy's visual identity and customer experience. Lucy's brand focused not just on the logo, but the visual feel of the surrounding elements: use of color, patterns, shapes, imagery, illustration and typography. Using the product's packaging as the hub, the brand was extended across multiple platforms: web with eCommerce, social media, print, advertising and point-of-sale. Everything carried some of the distinct visual markers established in the packaging to evoke the emotions of the brand without becoming repetitive.
Within the first year, Lucy's had extended into regional grocery stores, filling a valuable niche for people with and without food allergies. With a foray into Starbucks two years later paving the way, Lucy's has now become a common sight in grocery stores nationally. 
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