One of the most utilized online banking functions is monitoring account balances and reviewing transaction history. For heavy mobile users who lack a touch authentication feature on their device, typing in a password multiple times a day adds up to a lot of annoyance just to get a current account balance and verify recent transactions.
By implementing a balance feature outside of login, device users can view available balances and last five transactions on their checking and savings accounts, all without logging in. The feature is available from the online banking login screen, saving the user the time and trouble of authenticating on their device each time they want to review their account snapshot. After turning quick balances on and authenticating into their account once, an icon is available in the upper right of the login. A ‘kill switch’ is available inside online banking to disable the feature remotely if a device is lost.
The rapid development timeline from ideation to release was 2-1/2 months, and resulted in 1,500 registrations in the first 24 hours.
FINAL APP UI: Enabling Quick Balance displays all deposit-type accounts with last five transactions, all without logging in
INITIAL CONCEPTS FOR BALANCE LOCATION: Three different locations were identified and low-fi paper prototype studies done to determine the most intuitive concept
LEARN MORE: Wireframes to show the' learn more' slideshow concept, which provides guidance for setup and use to users not familiar with the concept
LAST 5 TRANSACTIONS: Final concept for Quick Balance, with recent transactions and the ability to customize the accounts displayed in the fly-out
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